Helping nomads through collaboration and friendship!

Mongolian nomads

Asral NGO implements MIM or Made in Mongolia project with the aim to support women and create jobs for them since 2005 in Ulaanbaatar and Undurshil soum, Dundgovi province. Esgii LLC is the company acts as exclusive distributor in Netherlands to sell MIM felt products made by MIM ladies. Mrs.Jolanda Tusgaard,the owner of the company collaborates with several felt makers in Mongolia and when she heard about strong snow storm in Mongolia in last March, she sent her donation immediately to help nomad families. With kind donation of Jolanda, two nomad families: Mrs.Gankhulug and Mr.Gerelt-Od in Undurshil soum, Dundgovi province received necessary assistance including food and milk powder etc. During last winter and snow storm the families lost over about 50% of their animals.
Thank you very much and rejoice your kindness Esgii LLC.